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Inspiration and Encouragement

We received a letter recently from Operation Gratitude. This is the organization that we sent our candy donation to for the US Troops overseas. Our candy alone, created 60,000 packages during the 2009 Holiday Drive. THANK YOU to all of our generous patients, friends, and family from the community who helped make this event possible!

We had the pleasure of accepting a new patient into our office this month. Gary Aramini, is who we all recogonized from the gym as “The Push Up Man”. He is in fantastic shape and when we asked what inspired him to work so hard and remain in such great health, he replied in a humble voice, telling us God was his inspiration.  Before he left that day, he brought in a DVD for the staff to watch.   He stated it would explain where his determination and inspirtaion derives from.  He wanted to share this with all of us, in hope for us to watch and become inspired to do all we can in our own lives. We all gathered in an operatory and watched together. Tears were shed, hearts we opened, and fire was lit in all of us that day.  The DVD was news footage from New Hapshire, where Mr. Aramini was born and raised.  In 1984, he was a 19 year old young man who lost a high school friend to bone cancer.  He felt the pain of not being able to live past 19 and experience life.  Mr. Aramini, felt there had to be a way to honor his friend and raise awareness and money for Cancer.  He set out across the country running from San Francisco to Hampton Beach a 3, 480 mile journey taking a mere 116 days.  His goal was to raise $100, 000.  By the end of his run he had raised more than $500, 000!  Then in 2009, 25 years later, Mr. Aramini returned to his hometown to participate in Relay for Life.  His goal that day/night was to run 40 miles.  He ran 60 miles instead.  To this day, Mr. Aramini has raised more than $1 million for Cancer Research.  What an INSPIRATION to us all! 


Last, but not least, we wanted to remind everyone to watch the 2010 Vancouver Olympics begining this weekend.  Make sure to cheer on our patient Heather Richardson as she Speed Skates to compete in the 500 meters on February 16, the 1,000 meters on February 18, and the 1,500 meters on February 21.  She has worked extremely hard and progressed in as little as three years to be in these Olympic games.  We are so very proud of you Heather!  We will all be watching and cheering for you.


No matter how young or old, there is always a way we can help others.  Inspire to be better and ecourage others to do the same. 


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