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Handy Capable Network…where you can donate a used computer and make a difference

Have you recently updated your computer system at home or work?   Are looking for a place to donate used computers or monitors and get them out of your storage?  Well look no farther.  Handy Capable Network is a local company, in Greensboro, created to give adults with Developmental and Physical Disabilities training and a job in repairing, refurbishing, and restoring donated computers.   After refurbishing, the computers are then dispersed to low income homes, schools, etc.  Their Mission Statement at Handy Capable is as follows, “To enrich the lives of people with special needs by teaching them technology skills in an inclusive environment.  Through our efforts, Handy Capable Network provides greater access to technology to economically challenged people and nonprofits.”



So enlightening to know this place exists!   Please follow the link provided, watch the video, and then search the site to learn more about Handy Capable Network.  Handy Capable Network


Please pass this info on to everyone you know.  What a wonderful way to make such a positive difference!


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The Human Spirit

The human spirit is an amazing thing, and this past weekend was an incredible reminder for both my husband and myself.  We have spent the last 6 months training for the 2011 Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC.  The training has been arduous, painful and mentally taxing, but well worth the inconveniences.  However, none of this would have ever been possible without the help and support of family, friends, and co-workers.  It truly does take a village!  The 6:00 am long runs, the after work runs, the massage appointments, the injuries, the doctor’s appointments, and the shuffling of children from one location to another, were all just pieces, and parts of an ultimate goal.  A goal that simply would not have been achieved without the support of people we love.  Thanks to you all, we love you!

Our marathon weekend started off full of surprises.  Dear friends had organized a surprise family celebratory dinner on Friday night, complete with carbohydrates and good luck posters.  We were definitley off to a good start, and receiving all the positive “juju” was an added benefit.  We left bright and early on Saturday morning, ready for the culmination of our hard work to come to fruition. Sunday, when we awoke, and it was beautiful.  In fact, it glorious and we were finally ready for our run.  However, I soon came to realize, I was NOT ready for the massive emotion that was forthcoming.

Marine Corp Marathon Packet Pick-up

The magnificent show of “human spirit” was amazing.  Random strangers on the sidelines, became instant friends.  They came to cheer us on, pat our backs, slap our hands as we ran by, and tell us we were “awesome.”  Their unconditional support helped us to cross the finish line.  Posters, that read “We don’t know you, but you can do it!” helped to lift us up, posters that read “Chafe now, drink beer later,” made us laugh and momentarily forget the pain.  Funny costumes helped to decrease the tension.  We were surrounded by thousands of unknown well wishers, and it was unbelievable.  At mile 18, my own staff, unbeknowing to me, had traveled to DC to come and support us in this endeavor.  It brought tears joy to both my husband and myself.

A running Whoopi Cushion helped to break the tension!

"The Divas" come to DC!

The show of human spirit was continued with the young autistic runner, the blind runner, the double leg amputees, Marines in full uniform carrying backpacks and running in boots, the British Marines that traveled long distances to participate, the three military men training by carrying a third person from spot to spot, and all the various organizations that were represented.  Ultimately everyone had their own personal reason for running, and their own goal to achieve.

Amputee participant.

The Brits came to join us!

Marines in full uniform, backpacks and boots.

Marines were everywhere, they graciously handed out water and snacks.  They were our own personal cheerleaders, who yelled and encouraged at each mile marker…”Ooh rah!”  As we crossed the finish line, they were there handing out warming blankets, and personally congratulating each person. They placed your finishers medal around your neck, and shook your hand.  The finishers village was full of marines passing our water, gatorade, food and making sure we were all well taken of.  They truly were the ultimate support force!  Semper Fi!

Marines handing out water.

Stuart receiving his medal!

As I look at my pictures, and think back on my marathon experience, I become a bit teary.  First, that my husband and I finished, what a great feeling, and incredible accomplishment (check that off the bucket list).  Secondly, to be enveloped by such support and love from family, friends and random strangers is truly humbling.  Lastly, to witness such strength in people is overwhelming.  The human spirit is an amazing thing, and in the end, we did kick a little “assphalt.”

We're done!




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Office Neurosis

Neurosis is a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations, whereby behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms.[1] It is also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder, and thus those suffering from it are said to be neurotic.

Everyone, or most everyone, I know has a “neurotic moment” or “personality glitch” from time to time, and just the other day, one of my receptionist, had a moment.  First off, let me go ahead and say, I love her and she is wonderful, but, boy did she have a” moment.”  She went through the entire kitchen, opened every cabinet, and left all the doors open.  As I walked into the kitchen, she appeared to be in complete state of shear mania.  Doors were opening and her hands were frantically moving.  In the case, of my receptionist, open cabinet doors, are her neurosis, and that is our sign, that an immediate demise is forth coming.  Ultimately, I surmised that she must be in need of some form of nutrition. Needless to say, the cupboards were bare, she was NOT happy, and frankly I was scared!


The cupboards were bare!

The interesting thing about people’s neurosis, it is often a direct gateway to their needs, or emotional state at that specific time.   I have learned over the years that these “moments” need to be addressed, and if not, can truly be dangerous.   So, in the case of my receptionist, an immediate run to the gas station for chocolate, bread, butter and a REAL Coke was a necessity.  After consumption our office world was completely restored.

Let us know if you have any office “moments,” we would love to hear from you, and how they are handled!




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Think Pink – Part 2

My PINK Inspiration!

I am a runner, and my husband and I have been training to run the Marine Corp Marathon at the end of October.  The training has been long, gruelling, and to be perfectly honest, awful at times.  However, I am fortunate, and very grateful to be surrounded by a large group of men and women all working to achieve the same goal.

Our Saturdays are always the same, we wake up early, we run, we eat, and then we sleep.  This past Saturday was no exception, we ran 22 very long, and hilly miles.  As the run got longer, our legs got heavier, and the conversation became harder, I started to notice all the PINK.  It was everywhere, and it was exactly the inspiration I needed to finish the last 3 miles.

 As I finished my last few miles, I thought of all the women that have struggled with Breast Cancer and I realized that my pains were really very insignificant.  Thanks for the inspiration, and remember, this month is all about “THINKING PINK!”


Strong legs of strong women


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Think Pink!

In my profession I see all sorts of interesting details on a daily basis, and not much shocks me.  However, last week, I was caught a bit off guard, and experienced a professional “WOW” moment!  Carter Grice, one of my 7th grade patients, came in for a routine preventative appointment, and like most teenagers, he has braces.  He has always had a beautiful smile, and does an exceptional job with his oral hygiene.  So, when I entered the hygiene room to do my routine exam, his PINK smile was not what I expected to see.  In fact, I  was immediately blinded by his PINK orthodontic bands!

Carter Grice - 7th Grade HPCA


I was astonished!  So naturally, I asked why he chose PINK orthodontic bands, and he quickly responded, “It’s for Breast Cancer.  I was inspired by my coach, Scott Bell, whose wife has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and a family friend, who has also suffered from breast cancer.”  It was then, that I experienced my “WOW” moment.  I thought to myself, how cool is that?  How awesome that Carter, a 7th grade young man, took the step, or better yet leap of faith, to support a cause so huge!  Through such a simple act, he became an instant PINK billboard for breast cancer; it was brilliant!  My hat goes off to him and any young person who is out there making themselves an advocate!   “WOW!”


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Digital X-rays

Technology is amazing, and each day I reminded of how far the field of dentistry has come in this area.   My office has used digital x-rays for the past eight years, and like most things, the time had come for an upgrade and/or replacement.   I spent many painful hours reviewing products, and reading numerous articles to help determine which new digital system would be the best fit for our office.

If you are unfamiliar with digital radiography, it is a form of x-ray imaging, where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film.  Advantages include, but are not limited to, time efficiency, immediate image preview (no waiting), the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images, and much less radiation exposure to the patient.

Digitally enhanced x-ray for diagnostics.

Well, our new x-ray system was installed this week, and thus far we love it.  Once we were up and running, I was immediately reminded of how quickly technology changes, and how important it is for us to stay current.   While my previous digital system was clear and fast, our new system is like lightening, and phenomenally diagnostic!   Pictures truly do tell a thousand words, and in my case, they tell me  the current health of your mouth.

In closing, it is our goal to strive to provide the best quality, and most up to date dental treatment for all our patients.


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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

You know you need to take care of your oral health for your teeth’s sake — but did you know it’s also for your heart, your brain — and your whole body?

Research shows that if you have an infection in your mouth, it can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even pregnancy complications. For years, healthcare professionals suspected there was a link between oral infections and some medical conditions, but they thought this was because bacteria from the mouth made its way to other parts of the body.  But now studies are showing that the inflammation found in periodontal, or gum, disease may play a more specific role in causing or increasing the risk for certain conditions.

Oral Health and Overall Health

Poor oral health can contribute to these serious health problems:

  • Heart disease:  Researchers have found that long-term periodontitis, an infection of the gums, can lead to coronary heart disease or atherogenesis, a condition in which plaque forms in your arteries. In fact, people with gum disease are nearly twice at risk for heart disease.
  • Stroke: There is evidence that severe periodontitis is also a risk for developing atherosclerotic plaques, which can cause strokes and heart attacks.
  • Diabetes: Researchers have discovered that periodontal disease somehow affects the body’s metabolism and can contribute to the development of pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal.
  • Pregnancy complications: Research by the American Academy of Periodontology has shown that periodontal disease can increase the risk of delivering a pre-term baby with a low birth weight. If you’re pregnant and have gum disease, be sure to seek regular dental care from a periodontist. Studies have found that periodontal therapy can reduce the risk of going into labor preterm or delivering a baby with a low birth weight. Pregnant women who are also diabetic are more prone to gum inflammation and more severe gum disease.
  • Kidney disease: Poor oral health also seems to be linked to chronic kidney disease, which affects blood pressure and bone health, and can lead to kidney failure and heart disease.
  • Mental health problems: It’s common knowledge that stress and anxiety can impact your health. But research has now shown a strong relationship between gum disease and many mental health problems, including stress, depression, distress, anxiety, and loneliness. All of these conditions can cause your body to produce more of the hormone cortisol which, in increased amounts, can aid in the progression of periodontal disease.

Researchers are continuing to find links between gum disease and other health conditions, such as obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, steroid abuse, menstrual problems, menopause, and osteoporosis, just to name a few.  By taking good care of your teeth, getting regular dental checkups, and treating any dental problems that occur, you can keep your mouth healthy and also reduce your risk of developing a serious medical condition. If you already have one of these health problems, it’s vital that you take good care of your mouth to keep the condition from getting worse…….A healthy mouth, leads to a healthy body.


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Get your SMILE summer ready

We are currently running a bleach special with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Call our office today to schedule your appointment and get your smile summer ready all while donating to a good cause!  Bleach promotion price is currently $125 and will continue through the month of May. This weather gets you in the mood to start doing some self improvements. So why not begin with a brighter smile at a reduced rate, all while making a donation to Susan G. Komen Foundation. This promotion is not limited to our patients only. Please feel free to pass on this info on to all you know. We would love to raise as much as we can to donate to such a wonderful cause. Join us to help the fight against Breast Cancer. 

Call our office today to schedule your bleach appointment 336-884-0800.

 Smiling For A Cure Bleach Special

It’s not too late to join us in the Susan G. Komen 5K Breast Cancer walk/run on May 1, 2010.  Please follow the link below to join our team “Smiling For A Cure” or donate now. 



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