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Catching Your Breath!

Do you ever feel like all you do is run in circles? If so, you are a lot like me. I am on vacation this week and I am desperately trying to “catch my breath.” There is simply never enough time, to do everything that requires my attention.

While I was sitting on the beach watching my kids, my breathing slowed down and my body was close behind. As the water moved, and the waves rolled in, I found myself in a complete state of long overdue abandonment. I was almost comatose!

This week will be precious to me in so many ways. I am with my family and there are no interruptions, no swim meets, no carpooling, no homework, and no where I have to be. These days are few and far between and I am savoring each and everyone of them. So, my advice to you all is; take some much needed time to “catch your breath.”


Posted in Dr. Lee Bass Nunn, DDS
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